Lesson Update 02/24/18
  • Welcome
  • Meditation on the breath
  • Journaling: obstacles, solutions, insights, questions, and other observations
  • Metta as per the Pāli Canon and the Karanīya Metta Sutta
  • Metta as per the Visuddhimagga and the Bhāvana Vandanā
  • Discussion and journaling

1.) Over the next few weeks, review lesson 23 in the curriculum book several times (Karanīya Metta Sutta, on pages 68-69).
2.) Practice metta meditation for about 5 minutes a day. Send loving-friendliness to yourself, a loved one, a neutral person, a difficult person, and to all beings. Each time, make a brief journal entry on any obstacles, insights, questions, and other noteworthy observations that arise. We will discuss our experiences at the start of our next class on 3/10/18.
3.) Read over lessons 1 through 7, and complete any unfinished related assignments.
**Please be sure to bring the curriculum book, journal, and a writing tool to the next classes.**

Lesson Update 01/27/18
  • Welcome back and introduce new students
  • Posture review
  • Mindful check-in and sharing
  • Lessons 1 & 2 in the book
  • Meditation on the breath
  • Journal entry

For homework:
Meditate 4 minutes a day and do a brief journal entry on the obstacles, insights, questions, and other noteworthy observations.
Also, if lessons 1 and 2 haven’t been done yet, students should complete the related homework assignments.

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